AxleTech Planetary Rigid Tandem Axles

AxleTech International SPRC1937 Series

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The SPRC1937 is a heavy duty housing version of the SPRC1927. The AxleTech International SPRC1937 series tandem planetary rigid axles are engineered to meet the extra toughness demanded by the OEM’s in today’s demanding environment. When you couple rough terrain with heavy loads and adverse weather conditions, you need the strength and support of AxleTech International’s planetary tandem axles. The SPRC1937 has the capability to meet the most severe vocational duty cycles and provide productivity uptime that converts directly to the end-user productivity.

Log haulers, truck cranes, dump trucks, heavy equipment transporters, and special purpose vehicles work in some of the most grueling environments in the world. Axle Tech tandem planetary axles are designed with these conditions in mind.The SPRC1937 has capability of up to 760,000 lbs. (344,750 kg.) in gross combination weights (GCW) dependent upon specific vocational duty cycle requirements. A balanced gearing design puts more power at the wheel ends. This reduces torque and stress on axle shafts and carrier/differential gearing, directly contributing to longer component life and reduced maintenance costs.

The SPRC1937 has a wide selection of features, both standard and optional, available to provide the heavy-duty tandem that is able to be optimized for your specific vocational requirements and makes this tandem the product of choice. A listing of standard features include high capacity hypoid gearing, crowned planet gears, and rugged high strength steel axle housings. Optional planetary wheel end configuration is a multiple taper bearing design under planetary pinion gears with “coverless” planetary spider design. Optional features that include high capacity cam brakes, carrier differential options, inter-axle differential with a pressurized oil lubrication system, single or dual style wheel hub mountings, and a wide range of overall axle ratios are available to be allow you to optimize the SPRC1937 to your specific vocational requirements.

In addition, extra axle housing magnets provide for reduced metallic contamination between oil lubrication intervals.

AxleTech’s special axle shaft manufacturing process produces high strength and shock resistant axle shafts to withstand the torsional stress requirements of large engines and transmission low gear operations.

AxleTech International is the former Rockwell® Off Highway and European Specialty Products Group

Contact Heavy Duty Transaxle for more information or questions about SPRC1937 AxleTech Axles

SPRC1937 Technical Specifications

Capacity 120,000 lb / 54,500 kg
Differential High Traction
Final Ratio 9.59, 10.66, 11.23, 12.69, 14.10 or 14.86
Wheel Mounting Hub piloted, 12 studs, 20.38 in / 518 mm bolt circle
Minimum wheel size 24 in / 610 mm