Clark Rebuilds

The Heavy Duty Transaxle team is completing builds that are above the competition and when it comes to Clark axle assemblies, Clark Differentials, Clark Planetary axles, Clark Front Drive Steer Axles, Clark Tandem Axle and Clark Transmissions we know what we’re doing.

Heavy Duty Transaxle is keeping our customers running no matter where they are in the world, we have shipped our rebuilds domestically and internationally.

Looking for Clark Axle Parts? Contact us, our inventory is always growing.
Heavy Duty Transaxle also buys Clark inventory and surplus!

Here are a few photos of Clark Rebuilds we have completed.


These Clark Front Drive Steers were a recent build our team completed for one of our biggest customers in the Middle East

In September, Our team completed a build of 10 Clark Axle Assemblies, Clark BD91. These will go into New Super 963 Kenworth Trucks in the Middle East

The beginning stages of rebuilding Clark Front Steer Axles

A recent build of  Clark BD121 for a new off road truck.

A set of Clark BD71

Our technical team completed rebuilding four sets of Clark BD121000, six sets of Clark BD71000 and two Clark Front Drive Steer Axles

Clark Carrier Rebuilds

Heavy Duty doesn’t just rebuild axles! We specialize in rebuilding Clark Differentials! In a most recent project we tracked down hard to find parts and rebuilt four obsolete Clark carriers. Shop Foreman, Gary Rembold, was the lead on this project.