Meritor 001

With nearly 100 years of axle-manufacturing experience, ArvinMeritor has become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications.

Fleets rely on the mobility of their vehicles to give them the performance edge their operations demand. Meritor axles enhance mobility through superior materials that offer greater strength at lighter weights for increased payloads and higher operating efficiency.

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Heavy Duty Transaxle can assist with the following Meritor Axle Models & Differential Models
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Meritor RS Series / RT Series Axle Models

RS17145 RD20140 RD20145
RD22145 RD22145 RD23160
RD23164 RD26160 RP20145
RP22145 RP23160 RP23164
RP24180 RP24380 RP26180
RP26380 RP29180 RP29380
RP35380 RR17145 RR20145
RR22145 RR23160 RR23164
RR24180 RR24380 RR26160
RR26180 RR26185 RR26380
RR29180 RR29185 RR29380
RR35380 RS13120 RS15120
RS16140 RS16141 RS16145
RS17140 RS17141 RS17144
RS17144A RS17145 RS17145A
RS19144 RS19144A RS19145
RS19145A RS21145 RS21145A
RS21160 RS21160A RS23160
RS23160A RS23161 RS23161A
RS23180 RS23185 RS23186
RS26185 RS30180 RS30185

Meritor RDL Series Models

RDL20145 RDL22145 DRL23160

Meritor RPL Series Models

RPL20145 RPL23160

Meritor RRL Series Models

RRL20145N RRL20145 RRL22145
RRL23160 RRL23180

Meritor Rear Tandem Axles

RT34140 RT34144 RT34144A
RT34144P RT34145 RT34145P
RT34146 RT40140 RT40145
RT40145A RT40145P RT40146
RT40149 RT40149A RT40149P
RT40160 RT40160A RT40160P
RT40169 RT40169A RT40169P
RT44145 RT44145P RT44149
RT4616HEH RT4616HP RT46160
RT46160A RT46160P RT46164
RT46164EH RT46164P RT46169A
RT46169 RT46469 RT48180
RT48185 RT50160 RT50160P
RT52180 RT52185 RT58180

Meritor Front Drive Steer Axles

MX10120 MX12120 MX14120
MX16120 MX21160 MX21160R
MX23160 MX23160R RF7120
RF9120 RF12120 RF16125
RF16145 RF21155 RF21156
RF21160 RF21185 RF21355
RF22166 RF23180 RF23185

Meritor Carriers / Meritor Differentials

A 3200J1752 A 3200K1753 A1 3200A1899
A1 3200A1899 A1 3200B1978 A1 3200C1823
A1 3200D1980 A1 3200E1825 A1 3200E1981
A1 3200F1852 A1 3200F1982 A1 3200G1853
A1 3200H1984 A1 3200J1648 A1 3200J1752
A1 3200J1804 A1 3200J1986 A1 3200K1753
A1 3200K1987 A1 3200L1753 A1 3200L1988
A1 3200M1677 A1 3200M1703 A1 3200M1899
A1 3200P1706 A1 3200Q1791 A1 3200R1708
A1 3200T1658 A1 3200T1814 A1 3200T1892
A1 3200U1815 A1 3200V1660 A1 3200V1712
A1 3200V1816 A1 3200V1894 A1 3200W1791
A1 3200W1817 A1 3200W1895 A1 3200W1971
A1 3200W1985 A1 3200X1558 A1 3200X1662
A1 3200X1818 A1 3200Y1819 A1 3200Y1897
A1 3200Y1987 A1 3200Z1820 A11 3200M1833
A12 3200M1833 A12 3200P162 A12 3200R1500
A13 3200M1833 A13200K1753 A15 3200C1511
A15 3200M1547 A15 3200M1833 A17 3200C1511
A17 3200M1833 A18 3200L1624 A18 3200R1526
A26 3200Z1560 A27 3200Z1560 A34 3200F1488
A36 3200M1547 A36 3200M1833 A4 3200E1825
A4 3200G1645 A4 3200L1701 A4 3200V1712
A4 3200V1894 A4 3200Y1897 A4 3200Z1820
A42 3200M1625 A48 3200M1833 A5 3200C1381
A53 3200M1625 A54 3200U1399 A55 3200P1706
A58 3200M1625 A58 3200M1833 A58 3200P1498
A59 3200M1625 A6 3200B1978 A6 3200C1381
A6 3200C1745 A6 3200F1814 A6 3200G1645
A60 3200M1625 A61 3200P1498 A61 3200U1399
A61 3200U1399 A63 3200M1625 A63 3200M1625
A66 3200M1625 A7 3200E1747 A73 3200M1833
A74 3200M1833 A76 3200M1833 A78 320D1564
A8 3200D1850 A8 3200F1488 A8 3200L1547
A8 3200L1676 A8 3200Q1785 A8 3200S1865
A83 3200M1625 A84 3200M1833 A9 3200E1851
A9 3200L1676 A9 3200Q1785 A97 3200M1833
B1 3200A1873 B1 3200B1874 B1 3200D1850
B1 3200D1876 B1 3200F1852 B1 3200F1904
B1 3200G1853 B1 3200G1879 B1 3200G1905
B1 3200H1906 B1 3200P1888 B1 3200R1890
B1 3200T1814 B1 3200U1815 B1 3200V1816
B4 3200E1851 B4 3200L1676 B4 3200S1865
B5 3200A1899 B6 3200F1852 B6 3200T1814
B64 3200U1399 B7 3200L1676 B7 3200S1865
B8 3200A1899 B8 3200M1625


Rockwell-Meritor Axles