AxleTech Planetary Steer Axles

AxleTech International PSC826 Series

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The AxleTech PSC826 series planetary steer axle is engineered to meet the increasing powerful demands of the heavy duty Rough Terrain Crane and various off highway market vocations. With an axle capacity range up to 37,000 lbs. (16,800 kg.) in R.T. Cranes, this axle covers a broad range of demanding vocational applications including Snow Blowers, Specialty Construction vehicles, and Off Highway Exploration, among other common usages.

The PSC826 planetary steer axle series offer a wide selection of overall gear reduction options; load capacities and multiple tracks that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Engineered for compatibility with demanding traction conditions, the PSC826 meets the trend of increased driveline torque, tire sizes, and loading requirements that provide an extra ruggedness for prolonged life. A limited slip differential with a 2.0 bias ratio and NoSPIN® differential options are also available for improved traction vocational requirements.

The PSC826 design helps reduce OEM/end-user maintenance costs. A standard input pinion unitized seal reduces the likelihood of oil leaks. Permanently lubricated steering axle shafts are standard; eliminating this maintenance requirement. Extra axle housing magnets are optional to help reduce any metallic contamination between scheduled lubricant change intervals. Wheel mounted single 4 piston per wheel end Hydraulic Dry Disks brakes. Carrier input pinion mounted park brake option is also available.

AxleTech International planetary steer axles are tough, dependable, and thoroughly proven under the most severe conditions.

AxleTech International is the former Rockwell® Off Highway and European Specialty Products Group.

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