AxleTech Planetary Rigid Axles

AxleTech International PRC7534 Series

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The AxleTech International PRC7534 series planetary rigid axle is engineered to meet the increasing powerful demands of the heavy-duty lift truck market. With a capacity range from 170,000-245,000 lbs. (77,100 – 111,100 kg.), this axle covers a broad range of lift truck applications including large container handlers and log stackers.

The PRC7534 axles offer a wide selection of overall axle ratios, load capacities, multiple tracks, brakes, and vehicle installation mountings for performance characteristics tailored to your needs.

Engineered for compatibility with demanding traction conditions, the PRC7534 meets the trend of increased driveline torque, tire sizes and loading requirements that provide an extra ruggedness for prolonged use as well as life. The PRC7534 design helps reduce OEM/end-user maintenance costs. A standard unitized input pinion seal minimizes potential for oil leaks and improved axle sealing protection. Supplemental housing magnets are standard to help reduce metallic contamination between scheduled lubricant change intervals. New high capacity removable magnetic plugs implemented into PRC7534 standard axle enhance maximum life with minimum maintenance.

Wheel mounted 17” (432 mm) wet disc brakes with sealed environment protect against contaminants for optimal brake performance in severe conditions; optional allows use of auxiliary cooling for severe duty cycles. Multiple tracks/mounting centers to provide for OEM flexibility to match various OEM installations. Optional carrier input mounted park brakes provide the OEM with the ability to select this parking feature directly mounted on the PRC7534 planetary axle. Also available are various input yokes/flange options including the XS180 cross-teeth style flange.

AxleTech International planetary rigid axles are tough, dependable, and thoroughly proven under the most severe conditions.

AxleTech International is the former Rockwell® Off Highway and European Specialty Products Group.

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