DSC_0720AxleTech Service Parts

Heavy Duty Transaxle is able to supply AxleTech Service Parts. Below is a list of common AxleTech Service Parts, We often update and add to this list, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us.

Heavy Duty Transaxle has AxleTech Planetary Service Kits in stock and ready to ship!

Heavy Duty Transaxle is an Authorized Dealer for AxleTech Service parts. We work directly with AxleTech International to find the right parts for your application.

Don’t know what parts you need? Contact us with your Axletech Axle or AxleTech Carrier Tag number.

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Axletech Axle Shaft

3202A7723 3202B7724 3202C6312 3202E8815 3202G9783 3202H9784
3202L6382 3202L9814 3202L6382R 3202M8957 3202M8957R 3202M9945X
3202P143 3202Q8805 3202R9170 3202S8521 3202S9015 3202S9171
3202T8522 3202T9016 3202W7667 3202X6732S 3202X7668 3202Z8424
3206U1841 3802R1084 3802S1085 3802G1463

Axletech Brackets

 A3299K4873  A3299J4872

Axletech Diff Kits

 940002053A01  A3230W23  A88245014

Axletech Diff Spider

3278A1093 3278L246 3278N300 3278Q381 3278W335 3278Y1117F

Axletech Gear Set

A370243370 A371443433 A355908617 A360361529 A370243370Y A371443433Y
A37376529 A37398488 A41164342 A41268463 A41814342 A41814342Y

Axletech Hub & Cup Assy.

884011701A01 A322B314 A322W361

Axletech Housings

A3201R9118 A3201K9085 320101435A01 320101436A01 3267W1193 3267X1194
3267N1054 3267B1562

Axletech Input Shaft

A13297R1474 A3297N1288 A3280E9521 A3280F9522 A3297A1015 A3297L12
3297M1287 3297R1414 3280E9521 3280F9522 3297A1015 3297L12
3297N1288 3297Y1013 3297P1290  A3297R1474  3297L12

Axletech Internal Gear Hubs

A3204G7  3204G7  A3204C1017  3204B28 3204N14 A13897T2256
3204B2 A3204H1022 3204D4

Axletech Sun Gears

3892N4070 3892U4077 3892P4072 3892P5762 3892S4907 3892Z5486
3892Q1733 3892B3642 3892G1541 3892B1094 3892F4504 3892Z1794
3892Z3588  A3892L2118  3892L2118  3892K2117  3892F2163

Axletech Side Gears

223401032A02 223401031E 223401011E 223401027E 2234B470 2234C783
2234U1269 2234Y545  2234B1224 A2234B1224  940001851A01

Axletech Spline Yoke

3260B132 3260J1284 3260J1648 3260Q95 3260S123

Axletech Spindle

885041070A01 A3897X1688  3213N846

Axletech Spur Gear


Axletech Misc.

 2257M1027  N3121  400001045E  B149A4 B1562
1224B1588 328101013E 3281W23 A11250L1000 2230J218
3267B1198 3267C1199

Axletech Planetary Gear Spider

A3280M6617 A3298E1201 A3298L1052 A3298M13 A3280F6376 A3298A1197
A3298D1096 A3298N14 A3298S71 A3298U73 A3298Z1170  A3298H86

Axletech Planetary Spider Assembly

A13280M6617 A13298E1201 A13298L1052 A13298M13 A13280F6376 A13298A1197
A13298D1096 A13298N14 A13298S71 A13298U73 A13298Z1170  A13298H86

Axletech Universal Shaft

750NYSM28-168 750NYSM28-169 850NYSM30-30 850NYSM34-106 850NYSM34-119 850NYSM34-123
850NYSM34-132 850NYSM34-139 850NYSM34-156 850NYSM34-54 850NYSM34-63 850NYSM34-98
953-01-50-010 958-01-49-793 958-01-49-946 958-01-50-002 958-01-50-068 958-01-50-095
958-01-50-503 958-01-50-504  A3205Q1109

Axletech Yoke

170TYS32-2 3260N118 3260V126 881401165A01 881401165E