Featured Axles

Take a look at the newest Axles that we have received in stock at Heavy Duty Transaxle. If you have any questions about the items you see below contact us.

New AxleTech Axle

Axletch SPRC1937

Axletech SPRC1937 Features:
Wide range of overall ratios are available, differential options are available, high capacity hypoid gearing, additional axle housing magnets, Inter-axle differential and pressurized oil lubrication system available. This virtually eliminates potential spin out in the forward/reverse directions.

We have AxleTech Axles, AxleTech SPRC1937 in stock and ready to ship!


New AxleTech Axles

Axletech SPRC1735P New Genuine Tandem

90 Inch Track Service Parts in stock

Conversion Kits available

New Genuine & In Stock DANA /  Spicer  Rear Axles

New Genuine
Model: Dana D70-590P

Dana D70-590P , Dana Rear Axles
6.34 Ratio; 70,000 lbs; 75 Inch Track
On demand lock up, front and rear budd wheel hub piloted, outboard drums, inter-axle drive line, 56in Axle spacing, solid suspension.

Applications: Heavy Haul, Logging, Mining, Oil Field, Construction and Refuse.

These Dana Rear Axles are ready to install. Dana Rear Axles are new and current production take-off’s with transportation miles only.