AxleTech Custom Axles

Heavy Duty Transaxle can supply built to spec custom axles. Since 1994 the Heavy Duty Transaxle team has built custom axles for the most severe applications around the world. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist in Axletech Custom Axle builds for most applications. We are able to service customers world wide and in a variety of markets.

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These Axletech SPRC2197 will be put to the test in the Middle East. These axles have a capacity of 130,000 lbs. Take a look at our Axletech Project Page for more about this build. Heavy Duty Transaxle is an authorized Axletech Dealer, Contact us to get a quote on Custom Axletech Tandem Axles.

Our team recently completed this custom Axletech 4×4 package. These axles have a capacity of 85,000 lbs, they will be performing in a severe 100% off highway application. Heavy Duty Transaxle can provide a wide range of ratios, capacities, and additional features for most applications. 

Heavy Duty Transaxle can also provide custom obsolete Axletech axle specifications. Recently our team helped a large crane operation build to specification a obsolete Axletech planetary steer axle. This axle has a capacity of 58,000 lbs. 



Once these Axletech Custom Axles are in the field, Heavy Duty Transaxle can provide continued parts and service for the duration of the component life. As an Authorized Axletech Dealer, we carry a large inventory of parts on hand, helping us provide quick lead times for custom axles.

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